TuneRegistry is the brainchild of Dae Bogan - a music business consultant, UCLA professor, and serial entrepreneur. He partnered with music attorney Jesse Morris to create a plan to solve the fragmented and confusing problems related to music metadata and rights registrations. When Kara met Dae at SXSW V2V in 2015, it became obvious that ClearSummit would be a great addition to the TuneRegistry team.

We took wireframes and basic sketches, information on a massive collection of spreadsheets, and firsthand knowledge of the music business to design an interface that would be user-friendly and intuitive. The goal was to guide the user through a series of forms that didn’t feel like forms, and coach them into entering all of the data necessary for their registrations in as simple and streamlined a process as possible.

As we built the platform, we started to see how many of the problems we were trying to solve industry-wide are caused by inconsistent and inaccurate data being promulgated throughout the music industry ecosystem. We created mechanisms to standardize the information during the input process, and prevent erroneous data from being sent out to the third-party exchange partners. Our system makes sure that the information is formatted to the exact specifications required by each exchange, and is sent via their preferred method, including direct API integration.

The end result of many hundreds of hours of design, development, testing, and revision, is a robust and simple-looking platform that solves a major industry-wide problem. As we continue our work with TuneRegistry, we look forward to adding additional exchanges and developing our own API to allow other players in the tech side of the music industry to integrate directly with our platform.

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