Design & Development


We love building products and we use an agile approach for both design and development. We can approach design in a few different ways. We have worked with in-house designers, design agencies, and outside individual designers to create the right look and feel for the product, and to maintain the right relationships to meet our clients’ objectives and needs.

Design Consultation

If you’re using an outside design resource, we prefer to engage on a consultation level to make sure that any potential development problems are spotted and addressed as early as possible in the process. We also encourage at least one face-to-face (in person or via video) meeting with design, development, and client all at once to facilitate the relationship and keep everything personal.

Agile Sprints

We arrange the design and development tasks into sprints, which are typically 2 weeks long. We use Invision for design prototyping, which facilitates feedback and is a great first step towards bringing the project to life. We schedule deliverables, and have status review calls a few days after those deliverables are distributed, in order to make sure we answer any questions and can identify any potential problems early on.


We will guide you through the entire process, up to and including preparing assets for the app store submissions, the submission itself, and answering any questions from Apple or Google Play during the review.

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