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Our Expertise


ClearSummit was founded by an engineer who has worked with defensive systems, built multiple startups, and consulted for Fortune 500 companies to modernize their architecture. Each team member has worked in a wide variety of languages and frameworks, and has enough experience to know what stack will work best for your goals.

Building software to scale, by starting with the team

Software projects fail for a multitude of reasons. Most commonly, those reasons involve inexperienced engineers and a lack of DevOps best practices.

ClearSummit prides itself on hiring best-in-class engineers who are able to architect complicated systems and guide decision-makers and stakeholders.

We foster innovation and the building of systems to allow our team to move faster, more efficiently and effectively every day.

Our engineers work closely with designers, quality assurance pros, product owners, and client stakeholders to make sure the most value is being generated. We currently accept under 0.5% of applicants to join our engineering team.

Our Process

How We Do It

Our engineering team is cross-functional and aware of other disciplines' concerns so we can move faster and smarter.

Constant Feedback

We have an extensive Peer Review process and maintain a unified approach to problem solving. When a team member proposes a new approach to a, problem, the entire engineering team reviews and discusses the proposal. The final solution gets solidified in our Starter Kit so we can use the same pattern for future projects.

Agile Sprints

We organize our work into two-week agile sprints and set clear goals for each sprint's deliverables. We send deliverables to be merged up through multiple environments (development, staging & production) and have build review meetings with our clients at regular intervals to insure transparency and identify any problems early in the process.

Test & Iterate

Our testing protocols include manual and automated processes. QA engineers test live code in the development and staging environments and open PRs for the engineering team to resolve found issues. Our QA Engineers also conduct client walk-throughs, prepare release notes, and ensure that features documentation stays up-to-date.

Our Expertise


We want to use the best tools for each job. Because of this we choose to work with technologies where we can get the most leverage for the time invested.

React JS & React Native

Our team has met a number of challenges through the years and uses each encounter to improve our processes. This lets us move faster, introduce fewer bugs, and keep high confidence in the code we ship.

Some strategies we use are:

  • Visual regression testing on every commit

  • Standards to maintain and improve code coverage on all projects

  • Full-lifecycle request mocking

  • Automated checks for security vulnerabilities and pitfalls

A recent 3rd-party security audit of our code for a highly sensitive FinTech product found zero major security vulnerabilities.

Ensuring quality through automation

Letโ€™s build something great.

Together, we can assemble and execute a plan to hit your key objectives with a software product that looks, feels, and is a top-of-the-line technology experience.

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