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Code Check

If you had a CTO, they would effect the most change by reviewing the code to point developers in the right direction and offering suggestions.

1 week onboarding, fixed-price engagement, that lets your team leverage decades of knowledge from building 100+ tech products

Overview - Week 1

Assessment and Recommendations

Have you outsourced your software dev and are unsure of the quality of what you have? Do you want to help your team move faster?


  • Codebase Audit
  • Code Improvement Recommendations
  • Recommendations for Team Improvement
Week 2+

Ongoing Support

  • PR Reviews
  • Tech Recommendations
  • Tips to Increase Velocity

Let’s build something great.

Together, we can assemble and execute a plan to hit your key objectives with a software product that looks, feels, and is a top-of-the-line technology experience.

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