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Our Portfolio

Helping Save Our Planet, By Saving Our Water

We Created The Cookbook Of The Future

FinTech Cloud Architecture to Empower Millions of Transactions

Here's a few more projects we should talk about:

mobile | strategy | auto

USAutoParts / CarParts.com

We worked with US AutoParts to build mobile applications and enhance their backend APIs

web | strategy


We took complex data collection and distilled it into a user-friendly interface to help the music industry. Bootstrapped, funded, sold.

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web | greentech

Arcadia // Real Simple Energy

Helping Texan's save on their energy bill by automatically switching to the most efficient provider

web | mobile | social


Two Sparx is a video streaming app that helps close the distance between grandparents and their grandchildren through personal storytelling.

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We built a solution to streamline mortgage lending by allowing easy collection of documents and financials for home buyers

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mobile | strategy | web | marketplace


Connecting college students and college tutors for paid tutoring sessions

mobile | strategy | public

AvePoint / RVA

User testing, designing and building mobile apps to connect the City of Richmond with its citizens

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web | strategy | marketplace


We modernized Ultrapress' infastructure and built a bespoke layer-based in-browser editor for customized apparel

web | strategy | marketplace


Find the partners you need to take your Food or Beverage product from idea to shelf.

mobile | public

Albuquerue Museum

Custom tour apps and AR experience to allow vistors to interact with history.

mobile | medtech


Empowering care teams at hospitals and health plans to easily schedule on-demand patient transportation.

mobile | iot | greentech


Helping homeowners save big on their water expenses

mobile | web | social


Always a guaranteed laugh. Capturing the moments that make your friends them, and sharing them privately. Similar to "Over Heard in LA" but just for your circle.

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mobile | web | social

Village Parents

Raising a child takes a Village. Village was a VC venture to help modern parents ask the Village Experts for advice on raising their children.

mobile | social


Built by influencers who wanted to connect with their fans. WeeAct was a social polling platform based on decades of psychological research into how people make decisions.

mobile | public

McLeod Plantation

Custom tour app

digital transformation | web | mobile | medtech

SummitHill Wellness

Digitally transforming a therapy business to allow patients access on their mobile devices and web browsers and expansion nation wide.

mobile | auto


Online & Offline fleet tracking solutions

mobile | web | media


We built a custom platform to target and deliver digital advertisements single individuals.

fintech | web

Client Confidential

Custom platform to power asset management for high net worth individuals


Words From Our Partners

  • Would you change anything about ClearSummit?
    I wouldn’t change a thing. Our relationship with ClearSummit has been one of the best relationships we’ve had as a company in the two years we’ve been around.

    icon quote
    Cofounder | Etsy - Head of Business Development Lumiary.com
  • What did you find most impressive about this company?
    ClearSummit creates elegant solutions to challenges we threw at them with a minimal learning curve. They have an incredible work ethic and deliver top-notch services. ClearSummit has a rare talent of understanding what they’re building and what user context it needs to function with. This fosters a collaborative environment where both designers and developers can push boundaries, completing their best work.

    icon quote
    Product Manager Belkin
  • Would you recommend ClearSummit?
    I'd recommend them without hesitation to anyone who needs help with project execution, intelligent strategy, and true product ownership throughout the entire engagement.

    icon quote
    Product Manager Padilla Digital (Formerly INMUnited)
  • Do you trust their work?
    We’re more confident than ever that we can support our growing user base as time moves on because of the foundation that ClearSummit has built for us.

    icon quote
    CTO UltraPress
  • What was it like working with ClearSummit?
    They’re very hands-on and invested in the project. We feel as if they are partners because of their level of involvement when it comes to creativity and innovation.

    icon quote
    COO Travel Agency
  • Do you feel ClearSummit is invested in your success?
    We feel as if they are partners because of their level of involvement when it comes to creativity and innovation.

    icon quote
    COO Digital Travel Company
  • What was impressive above them?
    Their response time was always impressive. They can facilitate getting anything done in terms of app development, and they are always quick to reach and access.

    icon quote
    Project Manager Digital Services Company
  • Why did you hire ClearSummit?
    ClearSummit’s knowledge of architecture, development, and scalability was a deciding factor in our choice to hire them.

    icon quote
    Product Manager Digital Agency
  • What was it like working with ClearSummit?
    ClearSummit is not cookie-cutter — they tailored their approach according to my project while keeping in line with initial expectations around budget, scope, and deadline.

    icon quote
    CEO Social Platform
  • What you recommend ClearSummit?
    As cofounders of a small and growing company, we can’t sing ClearSummit’s praises enough, but I think what stands out is their creativity and their willingness to be patient teachers to us.

    icon quote
    President Digital Relationship Building Company
  • Do you have confidence in their work?
    I had total confidence in the tech built by ClearSummit.

    icon quote
    Founder and President Parenting Platform
  • What results did ClearSummit provide?
    They took our product from 0 to 100.

    icon quote
    CEO EdTech Platform
  • What was it like working with ClearSummit?
    They had a thorough understanding of our needs and were able to provide top-notch solutions and service.

    icon quote
    CEO Real Estate Startup
  • What was it like working with ClearSummit?
    They have an impressive level of direct engagement.

    icon quote
    Co-Founder WeeAct
  • What was the benefit of working with ClearSummit over other providers?
    ClearSummit has a lot of experience with mobile apps, and their advice on the design and marketing of the app, in addition to its development was crucial to the success of the project.

    icon quote
    COO Stealth Mode Startup
  • What was it like working with ClearSummit?
    They were part of our product team, rather than just an outsourced, delivery engagement.

    icon quote
    Project Manager Digital Agency
  • What was it like working with ClearSummit?
    ClearSummit’s entire team has great chemistry, and they all give total, 100% effort.

    icon quote
    Director of Client Services Insurance Startup

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