The reality of a software project is that it is never truly finished. Technology is a flowing river. New operating systems come out, and platforms grow. Even the best of the best software products require ongoing attention, monitoring, evolution, and improvements. We offer support for all of our projects post-launch. We monitor your system and response to issues in real time as they arise.


We offer multiple packages that help keep bugs and support issues in check. These packages allow us to jump on any issue and give you priority support. We do our best make ourselves available for all of our former clients, but cannot guarantee availability without an ongoing support arrangement. We can also do feature updates in bundles of 40 hours or more.

Knowledge Transfer

Is your goal to build a product and eventually bring the maintenance and growth in-house? We offer knowledge transfer services to allow a seamless transition from our development house to yours. This can include: technical documentation, on-site meetings, and ongoing consultation to make sure that your team has all of the tools it needs to keep growing your product.

Team Integration

Are you building a startup without a CTO? Are you finding that funding the full-time compensation of a full-stack developer, expert UX designer, and QA team is not the best allocation of your finite resources? We have partnered with in-house teams and with other agencies to fill in the gaps in tech capabilities required to achieve their goals.

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