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Design Offerings

User Experience Audit

UX assessments are a crucial part of a product success. They uncover pain points and show whether the service or product is meeting user needs and business needs in a changing world.

Our Process

Reduce Costs, Maximize Value.

Employing User Experience Audits is one of the most efficient and inexpensive ways to resolve critical usability issues.

Client Workshop

Successful audits begin with strategy. Our workshops enable us to align on the current state of your product, your users' pain points and your business goals.

Usability Inspection

Does your user experience have friction or pain points? An evaluation of your current UX will uncover insights that allow us to create an actionable roadmap.


You'll have answers to crucial questions such as "Why is our conversion low?" or "Why is retention low?" and we'll provide a roadmap of actionable solutions.


Client Workshop

During the workshop we'll seek to understand the friction points you're facing, and will generate a strategy for what portions of the flow to analyze.

Talking Points

Business Requirements

Targeted Users

Inspection Parameters


Usability Inspection

We evaluate the key experience(s) and identity usability issues, using our annotation kit coupled with Jakob Nielsen's Heuristic Evaluators. We follow a rigorous analysis process involving multiple product specialists, in order to ensure the evaluations are thorough.


Design Standards

Independent Evaluation

Severity Rating



Finalization consists of a presentation of our findings, which includes a review of the usability evaluation, analysis, and ideation captured during our audit process.

Key Takeaways

Annotated Report

Suggested Solutions

Potential Roadmap

Let’s build something great.

Together, we can assemble and execute a plan to hit your key objectives with a software product that looks, feels, and is a top-of-the-line technology experience.

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