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Music App Development

Creating products for the music industry requires knowledge of its unique complexities and processes. ClearSummit is an app development company with over 7 years of experience building and consulting on complex music technology products. We have developed custom functionality for frontends, back-ends, and third party API integrations.

Music Tech Capabilities

Knowledge Base

Our app developers are experts in building mobile apps for iOS and Android, as well as full stack web platforms. We have worked in these areas of the music business and can leverage that experience when building your product

Rights Management

We understand how PROs work, what Content ID is, and how SoundExchange's royalties are allocated. We understand the different way writer's shares and publisher's shares can be split, and know the importance of application of consistent information across all the pieces so that music royalties flow to the right places.

Catalog Management

We know all of the different pieces of information necessary to manage a catalog or library in a variety of contexts. We also know that access to offline content and playlists is important to keeping your catalog working for you.

Creative Metadata Management

Maintaining the correct metadata helps keep your catalog organized and is crucial for sync, streaming, and publishing. We understand the data points that are part of the music industry standards.

Rights Metadata

Credit, payment, and discoverability all require rights metadata to be logged and tracked. We know what needs to go where.


Even Spotify had to admit that distributors are a necessary part of the music ecosystem. We understand the technicalities of digital distribution as well as the importance of user experience for the artists and labels setting up their releases.

Sync Licensing

Placements get you paid - whether you're a creator, label, publisher, library, or catalog owner. We know the difference between custom music for a production and leveraging existing catalogs in music supervision.


Managing catalogs, A&R, outside relationships, and payments - we can help streamline existing processes.

Leveraging AI

We know machine learning is necessary to scale and stay ahead of the curve. This shows up in catalog management, sync licensing, rights enforcement, and streaming service recommendations.

Our Process

How We Do It

Our engineering team will work with your stakeholders and walk you through from start to finish.

Product Liftoff

This is where we scope and plan your product journey. Deliverables can include features outlines, wireframes, feasibility assessments, API integration research, and more.

Agile Sprints

Our project managers will map your music application's design and development work into Agile Sprints and schedule review dates with your stakeholders so you know where we are in the application development process.

Test & Iterate

Prior to publication on the web or in Google Play or the App Store, we test your music app across the most common operating systems and hardware. After launch, we will continue to develop and improve the technology so your product evolves with your business.

We've worked with

Data Standards and Partners

We have implemented and integrated with these data standards and data service providers. We have participated in music industry conferences and follow industry publications to stay up to date with these data standards and partners so we can stay at the forefront of what's happening in the music industry.

Audible Magic
Music Mark

Case Study

Our work has been featured in major media and has garnered the attention of millions of users.

  • TuneRegistry

    We took complex data collection and distilled it into a user-friendly interface to help the music industry.

  • Belkin: Phyn

    We worked with Belkin and Uponor to create a mobile experience so you can understand your home's water.

Let’s build something great.

Together, we can assemble and execute a plan to hit your key objectives with a software product that looks, feels, and is a top-of-the-line technology experience.

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