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Your Premier Mobile Development Company in Los Angeles

Who We Are

ClearSummit is a mobile app development company based in Los Angeles. We have enterprise and startup clients to whom we offer an array of custom software development services, from top-notch project management to sophisticated UX/UI design and high-quality engineering.

ClearSummit excels in providing our clients with mobile software solutions in both iOS and Android platforms with award-winning mobile app design and structure that is built to last.

Mobile Solutions That Transform Your Business

  • ClearSummit offers a range of services that aim to help businesses grow. As a mobile app development company, we are committed to working with our clients as business partners.

    We base strategies, designs, and code structures to fit our clients' needs as well as their vision. We ensure that they move forward with a mobile app that will launch their business and set them up for future growth.

  • Our company has created mobile applications for big movers like Belkin, AvePoint, and premier film and media companies like The Intellectual Property Corporation; as well as, Series A & B startups.

    We deliver high-quality mobile development and software development solutions that set up our clients for business growth and scalability.

  • ClearSummit is more than just a team of talented software developers. In a time where everyone and everything is going digital and global, we are your partners in digital transformation and business development.

Los Angeles Mobile App Development Like No Other

ClearSummit was founded in 2014 with the vision of becoming a mobile app development agency and web development company that offers what many app developers do not -- a partnership.

Based in Los Angeles, we have been involved in the technology scene in Silicon Beach since late that year, and have served clients throughout the greater Los Angeles area, from the South Bay to DTLA, and deep in the San Fernando Valley.

As your business partner, ClearSummit only offers app development and mobile solutions that value your time and money. Our UX/UI design and mobile app services are straightforward and cost-efficient, making it easy and affordable for both enterprises and startups to build mobile apps and web solutions to boost their businesses.

Our Recent Work

Companies We've Shaped

Helping Save Our Planet, By Saving Our Water

We Created The Cookbook Of The Future

FinTech Cloud Architecture to Empower Millions of Transactions

Moving Forward With A Los Angeles App Developer

  • As you think about hiring us, you might be wondering if it’s even worth it to launch a mobile app. So, think about this: there are 1.85 million apps on the iOS App Store and 2.56 million on the Android Google Play Store -- the market for these applications keeps growing and have become what customers expect from digital companies.

  • Statistics show that over 140 billion apps and games were downloaded in 2020 alone. This number grows exponentially in the industry of iPhone app development as Apple (and its rigidity) continues to compete with the market flexibility of the average Android app.

    Now imagine being in the game and leveraging this fast-growing market.

  • Knowing which platform works for your business is key -- among many other things to evaluate when starting your mobile app development process.

  • As your business partner, we’ll take care of building your profile and matching it with the mobile app market sector that will best appreciate your services. Our experience and knowledge of mobile app marketing and good user experience ensures competitive advantage as well as business gain.

Know What The ClearSummit App Developer and Our Mobile App Development Services Can Do For You

ClearSummit is a team of seasoned project managers, award-winning designers, and excellent software engineers. Their talents allow ClearSummit to serve you with an array of tech solutions that will help your business grow and scale.

  • About us

    We thrive on providing transparency in development

    We're used to parachuting into difficult problems and aligning teams, increasing velocity and providing product transparency.

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    I'm proud of our system now. It's robust.

    CTO Apparel Customization Platform
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  • About us

    You're in good hands

    We have built 100+ mobile apps and web platforms from the ground up. Helped startups, enterprise companies and even saved governmental rollouts. We've had our code audited by security companies and received A+'s across the board.

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    They have a multi-faceted team. They help us figure out not just what we want, but what else we should be asking.

    CEO EdTech Platform
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  • About us

    We focus on building scalable software

    Need a platform built from scratch, on a rescue mission for an existing product, or need some extra muscle to help your internal team? We generate results and focus on increasing development velocity.

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    I wouldn’t change a thing. Our relationship with ClearSummit has been one of the best relationships we’ve had as a company in the two years we’ve been around, if not the most pleasant.

    Cofounder | Etsy - Head of Business Development Luminary
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Make Things Happen In Los Angeles With ClearSummit’s App Design

Since 2020, digital transformation has become more attractive to businesses of all kinds. As consumers continue to rebuild their daily routines inside the four walls of their homes, businesses must constantly find ways to reach customers and employees who used to come to their physical locations.

With the majority of online engagement in Los Angeles now taking place on people's phones, mobile apps have become even more crucial to maintain relevance.

ClearSummit helps your business find its place in the digital market and makes sure that it has everything it needs to succeed in fulfilling its services.

We will not deny that digitally transforming your business will come at a cost -- as all business investments do. But ClearSummit’s team of app developers commits to delivering products that make it all worth it.

Our solutions are developed through a rigorous process of mobile app creation to a reevaluation stage of which we regularly communicate with our clients.

Investing In ClearSummit’s App Developers

Transparency and Communication

We make sure our clients understand the process it takes to build their product so that they can go home with more than what they came for.

Our transparency and communication allow our clients to learn the process along the way and become involved partners in the mobile app development journey.

This allows them to give more constructive feedback to our team that guarantees them the best version of their product in the end.


Words From Our Partners

  • Would you change anything about ClearSummit?
    I wouldn’t change a thing. Our relationship with ClearSummit has been one of the best relationships we’ve had as a company in the two years we’ve been around.

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    Cofounder | Etsy - Head of Business Development Lumiary.com
  • What did you find most impressive about this company?
    ClearSummit creates elegant solutions to challenges we threw at them with a minimal learning curve. They have an incredible work ethic and deliver top-notch services. ClearSummit has a rare talent of understanding what they’re building and what user context it needs to function with. This fosters a collaborative environment where both designers and developers can push boundaries, completing their best work.

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    Product Manager Belkin
  • Would you recommend ClearSummit?
    I'd recommend them without hesitation to anyone who needs help with project execution, intelligent strategy, and true product ownership throughout the entire engagement.

    icon quote
    Product Manager Padilla Digital (Formerly INMUnited)
  • Do you trust their work?
    We’re more confident than ever that we can support our growing user base as time moves on because of the foundation that ClearSummit has built for us.

    icon quote
    CTO UltraPress
  • What was it like working with ClearSummit?
    They’re very hands-on and invested in the project. We feel as if they are partners because of their level of involvement when it comes to creativity and innovation.

    icon quote
    COO Travel Agency
  • Do you feel ClearSummit is invested in your success?
    We feel as if they are partners because of their level of involvement when it comes to creativity and innovation.

    icon quote
    COO Digital Travel Company
  • What was impressive above them?
    Their response time was always impressive. They can facilitate getting anything done in terms of app development, and they are always quick to reach and access.

    icon quote
    Project Manager Digital Services Company
  • Why did you hire ClearSummit?
    ClearSummit’s knowledge of architecture, development, and scalability was a deciding factor in our choice to hire them.

    icon quote
    Product Manager Digital Agency
  • What was it like working with ClearSummit?
    ClearSummit is not cookie-cutter — they tailored their approach according to my project while keeping in line with initial expectations around budget, scope, and deadline.

    icon quote
    CEO Social Platform
  • What you recommend ClearSummit?
    As cofounders of a small and growing company, we can’t sing ClearSummit’s praises enough, but I think what stands out is their creativity and their willingness to be patient teachers to us.

    icon quote
    President Digital Relationship Building Company
  • Do you have confidence in their work?
    I had total confidence in the tech built by ClearSummit.

    icon quote
    Founder and President Parenting Platform
  • What results did ClearSummit provide?
    They took our product from 0 to 100.

    icon quote
    CEO EdTech Platform
  • What was it like working with ClearSummit?
    They had a thorough understanding of our needs and were able to provide top-notch solutions and service.

    icon quote
    CEO Real Estate Startup
  • What was it like working with ClearSummit?
    They have an impressive level of direct engagement.

    icon quote
    Co-Founder WeeAct
  • What was the benefit of working with ClearSummit over other providers?
    ClearSummit has a lot of experience with mobile apps, and their advice on the design and marketing of the app, in addition to its development was crucial to the success of the project.

    icon quote
    COO Stealth Mode Startup
  • What was it like working with ClearSummit?
    They were part of our product team, rather than just an outsourced, delivery engagement.

    icon quote
    Project Manager Digital Agency
  • What was it like working with ClearSummit?
    ClearSummit’s entire team has great chemistry, and they all give total, 100% effort.

    icon quote
    Director of Client Services Insurance Startup

Product-First Mobile App Developers Los Angeles

  • ClearSummit’s strength does not lie in numbers. Our mobile app development agency acquires only the best mobile app developers to join our tight team.

    We have designed a thorough screening process that allows us to handpick app developers that do not only have the skill but the grit one needs to provide excellent service.

    Our team is very proud to have app developers that breathe life into ideas for mobile apps and give power to applications that have yet to reach their full potential.

  • Our Los Angeles team of mobile app developers serves you with the advanced technology stack, agile development, high test coverage, and clean code.
    At ClearSummit, we operate with a product-first mindset in iOS app development and Android app development.

  • Over the years, we have found that working product-first creates an environment where we can push boundaries and add value quicker.

    In our IoT development cycle, having a solid feedback loop to the design team about how the experience feels, based on real-world limitations, allows our team of engineers to iterate quicker.

Let’s build something great.

Together, we can assemble and execute a plan to hit your key objectives with a software product that looks, feels, and is a top-of-the-line technology experience.

Get Started

Take A Step Forward and Think About What Will Work For Your Company

ClearSummit works with both Hybrid and Native App Development. Let us help you figure out what works best for your company.

Hybrid vs Native

  • Building custom software that feels fluid on the user’s phone is highly important for all clients.

    Prior to React-Native, there were several hybrid development frameworks. These hybrid frameworks had their challenges -- whether in programming languages that were not common and thus had a small pool of developers to build and maintain mobile applications, or they were not powerful enough to allow subtle control of the interface.

  • React-Native changed this. React-Native (and other frameworks now such as Flutter) allowed mobile app developers to write common code in JavaScript and then drop it down to native platform languages when necessary.

  • This allowed for mobile app development to progress at a much faster pace. Previously, developers would need to build an iOS app and then separately an Android app.

    Not only does this take at least double the time to build due to issues in one platform that do not exist in another, but you were most likely to have a fragmented team -- one doing mobile app development for iOS apps and another for Android mobile apps.

Our Expertise


We want to use the best tools for each job. Because of this we choose to work with technologies where we can get the most leverage for the time invested.

React JS & React Native

Choosing Reactive Native

  • Animation control is not as granular as building directly natively. Consider this if you want fluid animations in your designs as this affects user experience and engagement.

  • React-Native can be more temperamental than its native counterparts. Given the massive number of open-source libraries that React-Native is based on, and the libraries used to maintain velocity when building custom mobile apps, sometimes you can run into incompatibilities that take time to resolve.

  • This will then require you to have your apps regularly evaluated over time to make sure it's compatible with the ever-changing platforms it will run on. Consider allocating a budget for check-ups and revisions when considering React-Native.

Work With A Los Angeles App Developer Today

Our team focuses on efficient UX/UI design, agile development for mobile apps, custom software, and web development from start to finish. We do this by making sure we maintain and create industry best practices and scalable systems -- and we commit to doing them with you every step of the way.

Our products last because our services are built on skill and knowledge. We share our knowledge with clients so that they can make independent choices in their mobile app development journey that are right for them.

At ClearSummit, our products last because we work together -- as a team and as your partners.


Let’s build something great.

Together, we can assemble and execute a plan to hit your key objectives with a software product that looks, feels, and is a top-of-the-line technology experience.

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