We were thrilled when our client for this project, a successful film director, came to us with his work in progress. He and two friends had been working to create a way to use bright light and an iPhone camera to create “light drawings” similar to the way a DSLR camera is able to capture moving light. They needed to iterate on the underlying light-drawing video technology, and find ways to process the video after it is created.

We created playful, colorful designs that would appeal to a wide range of ages. The app needed to be as enticing to an 8 year old as a 50 year old. We also wanted to find ways to help the users develop more skill and confidence, as well as the ability to gamify the light-drawing experience. We iterated on different ways to show the user brush options, and ultimately the client wanted the brush selector to feel like opening a palette of watercolors. There are 5 different light brushes, and 9 different colors to choose from.

The app can be used in a “freestyle” manner wherein the user can just use a flashlight to start drawing in the air. Users can also select “Tracing Paper”, which superimposes simple line drawings on the screen that can then be traced to create an image. The app allows import of images from the camera roll that are also displayed so that they are easily traceable. The client came up with a list of word suggestions to randomly populate ideas for the users, too.

There are two games in the app - one geared for one person to use and the other for 2 to 4 players. “Chase the Dot” displays a dot for users to follow around the screen. Once it’s finished, an image is displayed and the users have to figure out what it is. “Who Drew it Best” is a competitive way for players to see who can draw the best of one of the app-generated ideas.

While the app is robust on its own, the client also wanted a way to add features via an in-app-purchase bundle. The app allows a one-time purchase to open additional recording time, two additional colors, and two additional brush styles.

Once the video is created, the app automatically mirrors it, so that any words will appear correctly rendered. There is also the ability to adjust playback speed and turn the sound off and on. The app also renders a watermark, so that as the video is shared directly or via social media, the branding is maintained.

Lightghost is still in its soft launch stage, but videos shared on Instagram have been getting a lot of attention. We have seen people use it as a promotional tool, in addition to the predicted uses of creative selfie videos.

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